Soundwill Plaza – Midtown

G2 Beauty Group

G2 Beauty Group was established in Macau in 2003, with 15 directly-operated high-end beauty salon branches in Macau, Hong Kong and Mainland China. G2 Beauty Group initially started with “handmade beauty”, with radical “acne treatment” as the brand’s flagship brand. Over the years, it has treated skin problems for many acne patients and brought health and beauty to each patient. In 2006, “Technical Beauty” became popular. G2 kept pace with the times, actively introduced high-tech beauty equipment and technology, and perfectly combined “handmade beauty” and “technical beauty”. Provide more efficient, more professional, and more extensive service targets for scientific and technological skin care treatments and professional medical beauty services. In 2012, G2 also established a “Medical Beauty Center”. In the following years, through continuous in-depth research, the G2 brand has become a beauty group that provides one-stop beauty, body and plastic surgery. We attach great importance to customer satisfaction. Over the years, we have actively introduced high-quality skin care products to ensure that the equipment items are approved by the FDA and the international EU, and the surgical injection items are managed by registered professional doctors. All beauticians must pass strict internal training. Students also need to pass the layers of learning and examinations to become excellent technicians. In order to make customers feel at ease, at ease, and have confidence in us. G2 takes the concept of service first, never rigid sales and uniform price, and serves every distinguished guest who comes here. We hope to provide high-tech beauty products at the most affordable price, so that every guest is always beautiful and fashionable.